Green Initiatives

The Mobile Convention Center is proud of its efforts to go green and use environmentally friendly practices and products:

• The paper recycling program has been a tremendous success. Through 2009 we have recycled more than 43% of the trash that has been generated here at the convention center.
• Our Windsor Chariot carpet extractor, along with all the carpet’s cleaning agents, has been certified by the Carpet and Rug Institute’s Green Label and Seal of Approval Programs.
• Our floor wax and cleaning supplies, furnished by Proctor and Gamble, all meet or exceed the Green Seal standard for cleaning products as well as the EPA’s Environmentally Preferable Purchasing guidelines.
• The implementation of foam soap has greatly reduced usage and waste.
• Abundant natural lighting in all of our lobby areas minimizes energy use.
• Monitoring and control of doors by security personnel through facility walks focusing on closing doors not in use.
• Double pane windows are throughout the building to reduce energy costs.
• Timed lighting systems have been installed on flower beds and tower.
• Lighting systems controlled by electricians allows lighting levels to be set at 50% during move-in and move-out, and 100% only during event hours.
• Recycling of all printer ink cartridges.
• All air handlers use three different types of filters to maximize efficiency.
• Reports and documents produced paperless whenever possible.
• Technicians monitor the operation of boilers and chillers. These are kept to a minimum at all times. Normally we are operating at 1/3 of chiller use and ½ of boiler use.
• We are in the process of updating the lighting scenarios throughout the building. Many compact fluorescents have been put in place and the trend will continue throughout the building with new fixtures, ballasts, and bulbs.
• Several automatic flush toilets have been installed to reduce water use and future plans are to include more of these units.
• We have planted several new shrubs, plants, and trees around the facility.
• In the very near future we are planning on switching to recycled paper products such as hand towels and toilet tissues.
• We plan on purchasing Carpet and Rug Institute’s Green Label Certified vacuums.
• One of the most important issues addressed is training. Employees have been trained to be aware of energy, gas, and recycling consciousness.

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